How to taste a new incense you got?

How to taste a new incense you got?

1. Never put the test incense directly on the fireproof cotton or incense ash after ignite the incense for tasting.

Because the incense is placed on the fire-proof cotton, the fire-proof cotton has a burning smell when exposed to high temperature, which affects the quality of the incense and can not feel the original aroma of the tested incense;

and also don’t put the tested incense on the incense ash, because if put it on the incense ash, the incense ash will have an impact on the tested incense, then the fragrance will become complex, so we can’t feel the original aroma of the tested incense.

2. If you want to put it in the incense burner, make sure to open the cover and smell it.
because the density of carbon dioxide is higher than that of oxygen and is deposited at the bottom of the burner,
the incense is easily extinguished due to lack of oxygen in the burner.

Second, burning incense under the cover of the stove, and the incense oil is forced to adhere to the inside of the cover.
These are the wonderful and natural breath that should be distributed in the space.
If the incense is very ordinary, just to watch the beauty of smoke, it doesn’t matter. You can cover it.

What is the best way to taste a new incense ?
The best way is to use the incense holder. After lighting, it is about 20-30cm away from yourself to feel the natural fragrance.