About Us

Lotus Incense Way Trading Co., Limited

We provide reliable natural oud incense which no chemicals or fragrance added, and incense burner products with affordable price.Our facotry can make all most the designs of the burners you require,we accept Customization.


Major Products:Cambodian Oud sticks,Vietnam Oud sticks,Oud coils,Oud cones,Oud chips,Oud oil,Incense Burners,Incense tube, packing box, customized items,etc.

Applications: Car,Living Room,Yoga,Meditate,Practice,Home SPA,Relax for a While,Study,Sleep,Work,Meeting,Play Games,Watch TV,etc.

Location: Guangdong Province, China.

Founded: in 2011

Overseas Market: Asia, Europe, Mideast, Africa, North America, South America, Australia etc.

Customization: Accepted

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