How to identify the Pure Natural Incense?The Comparison of Pure natural incense and Chemical incense

How to identify the Pure Natural Incense?The Comparison of Pure natural incense and Chemical incense


1.Visual Inspection,
Pure natural incense:it appears the original color of material itself,the color will not fade while soaking in water or alcohol;

Chemical incense:lt utilizes multiple chemical dye coloration;it always appears red,,purple and black,gold and so on.
The color will Fade while soaking in water or alcohol.
2.Smell Before Ignite,
Pure natural incense:it will hardly exude fragrance before ignite.
You can find a light delightful grass,wood ,and herbal material perfume when sniff at it closely.

Chemical incense:It exudes heavy aroma even long distance you can smell ,the closer you get,heavier you smell,even pungent!

3.Quality Comparison
Pure natural incense:Lighter weight,lower density.After burning 100 grams of incense,the weight of the ash should not exceed 6grams.
And in same weight,the number of the pure natural incense is 15%-25% more.

Chemical incense:Because mixed with more impurities and adding a lot of powder,chemical glue.It is heavier,higher density.
Being 100 grams of incense burnt. ash weight will be far more than 6grams,and some even up to 30 grams.

4.Bask Before Igniting
Pure natural incense:Basked in the strong sunlight,the color and fragrance will not fade away easily.

Chemical incense:Basked under the strong sunlight in two to three hours later.
The aroma no longer the same,the perfume and color start to fade off. If basked 1 or 2 days later,it’s hardly to catch any aroma.
After gets pungent or becomes another aroma.
5.Burning Section Inspection
Pure natural incense:The ash of the burning section appears fluffy,sheet structure and flakes off.
It looks like lotus blooming gradually.

Chemical incense:Ash column still erects and stands smoothly,not easily falling apart.
The volume also shrinks same time.Even falling down,the ash remains intact generally.
6.Contact Ash
Pure natural incense:Even if the ash falls down to the hand from the lower,You wil not be burnt because not any combustion added!

Chemical incense:Use Potassium nitrate as Combustion,
so the ash still has high temperature,hand still be burnt even ash falling down from higher.
7.The Ash Inspection
Pure natural incense:The ash looks like pieces of snow Swinging gently in the air just in the puff.
The little ones can float in air for along time.

Chemical incense:The ash is hardly blown off after igniting.
Even if blowing off difficultly.the ash will fall down to the ground directly.
8.The Experience Of Incense Smelling

Pure natural incense:The fresh and natural aeromedical sense.
even though ignited after a long time,it will not cause any uncomfortable reaction.

Chemical incense:Messed up so many irritated chemical materials.
After long time ignited,it will make you feel dizzy,weak and breathless,accompanied with lightly ataxia.
9.Material Comparison
pure natural incense:Except natural herbaceous material and natural vegetable gum.
no any other chemical material is adopted.Sure to Contrast ignited natural incense and its material,similarity of smell should be higher than 80%.

Chemical incense:Mainly contains a lot of waste sawdust.chemical glue.polyacrylamide.chemically synthesized flavors and sesame oil.stone powder,chemical dyes.Combustion (potassium nitrate).
Smokeless incense will be joined with the industrial toner.Juan Qian incense (tick Incense) will be added with the glass glue and ,golden incense will be joined with the chemical powder.